Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pebbles pebbles pebbles

Nature is so rich with treasures.... the fairies know this ... and there are some of us who can also see and appreciate the gems in our natural environment ... I love to gather natural materials to add to my fairy gardens. Here is some pebble inspiration ....

Collection of interesting pebbles pinned by Bonnie Roberston via Pinterest
A beautiful illustration of the path that leads to a fairy abode.
Image credit: via Pinterest
I love this idea of using pebbles to create foot prints.

I love how this fairy abode has been created using natural materials and the floor made of stones and the pathway of glass. Image credit: www.commercial via Pinterest.
Image credit: Originally pinned by Rebecca Horwood on Craft via Pinterest
Rocks and pebbles can be positioned to create enchanted environments for the fairies and gnomes!
Image credit: unknown - from Pinterest.
What magic can you create with pebbles in your fairy garden?


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